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About Me

I have loved clothes as far back as I can remember. Even my first word was “shoe!” At the age of three I wanted to pick out my own clothes and at twelve I saved allowance money to purchase designer jeans. Over the years my relationship with clothes grew both personally and professionally, leading me to become a personal stylist. And this is my story.

Want to invest in your wardrobe, but don't know how? I can show you!

Growing up, my mom was a seamstress and my favorite shopping buddy. Just as doctors can be some of the most difficult patients, a seamstress can be one of the most difficult clients when it comes to buying clothes. Why? Because before they purchase anything, they evaluate it from top to bottom – the fabric, stitching, hems, lining, buttons, and zippers. My mother’s vigilance when inspecting clothes was instilled in me, and that’s why I'm very particular about any piece I recommend to a client. Quality is so important when investing in your wardrobe. Many people assume that to find high quality you must spend a lot of money, and that's just not true. Quality doesn't automatically mean expensive. But to invest in good pieces a person must know what things to look for and this is exactly the education I received in my childhood.

The shopping buddy everyone wants.

What if you had a friend that scoped out the stores before you got there, curating the fitting room with pieces hand selected for you with your size, shape and style in mind? Now imagine your best friend crossed with the most knowledgeable salesperson. Well, that is exactly how I got started as a personal stylist – by styling my friends. They would invite me to shop with them because I helped them reach their style goals, stay on budget, and introduced them to brands and styles they wouldn't have explored on their own. Over the years, each experience revealed a common problem many women have when shopping, a challenge in focus. Many feel overwhelmed by the volume of clothing in each store and become distracted by pieces that don't align to their goals. A strong desire to help my friends reach their styling goals while overcoming patterns of unproductive behaviors allowed me to develop a shopping system that could be used professionally. I had found my passion!

I was frustrated with retail.

Before launching my own Closet Curator business, my love of clothes and styling others landed me working in retail. I had the privilege of working in the luxury market, which allowed me to spend one on one time with my clients and build a relationship over time. I felt so much pride and joy helping women of all shapes and sizes. But as my time in retail grew so did the challenge of helping clients find what they were looking for. The variety of styles and sizes carried in-store continued to shrink with each new collection, while a large portion was available only online. This is still the norm for stores trying to cut costs. Unfortunately, that leaves the consumer with two bad options – shop in-store with a limited selection or shop online with airbrushed photos, professional model bodies, misleading item descriptions, and inconsistent sizing. The end-consumer results are often the same – dissatisfaction with purchases, frequent returns and exchanges, and lost time and money.

wardrobe stylist reading fashion book
stylist standing in a dress

Do you want to look great and feel great? You've found your guide!

I had the goal of becoming a personal stylist for a long time, and the frustration with retail as an employee and customer was just the push I needed to launch my own business – Closet Curator ℠. Now I work with a variety of clients and I’m not limited to one retail stores' collections. There is a whole world of retail out there to find the perfect pieces for each client. When I'm invited into someone's closet I learn about their personal frustrations with shopping. I learn their body shape and size, wardrobe goals, and individual budget. I get to know each client on a personal level, giving them recommendations to fit their unique lifestyle. I teach them which items to invest in, saving them time and money in the long run, and I act like a curbside coach to help them achieve and maintain their goals. The end result is that my clients look great and feel great in everything they wear. It's the best job EVER!

Check out my personal styling services and let's get started!

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