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My Wardrobe Styling Services

I offer flexible hourly and premium fixed-price personal styling services, which can be combined and tailored to meet each client’s unique needs. My fee for hourly services is billed at $120 an hour and my fixed-price services are billed at the service price. Select each service below to learn more and see my FAQ for answers to questions that new clients often ask.

The Cleanout

An hourly service. Think 'style coach' with some OCD tendencies!

3-5 hours on average, in person, in your closet. Together we sort your entire wardrobe systematically using my ‘pile’ system. We determine which items to keep and which to remove from your closet. Be prepared to try on a few items so we can discuss proper fit, possible alterations, and whether items align with your current lifestyle and goals. After cleaning out all items that no longer serve you, we organize what is left in a way that best suits the space and makes dressing easier. During this time, I make recommendations on investment pieces to complement your wardrobe along with potential solutions to organize your space. 

What's next? Each client is unique and has different wardrobe needs. Some haven't invested in their wardrobe in a long time and may need a wardrobe makeover, whereas others may simply need to fill a few essentials gaps. Whatever the case, many of my clients schedule The Spree next to work together on finding high-quality and versatile pieces to complement what they have. Others schedule a follow-up styling session where we maximize the value of their remaining wardrobe by creating new outfit combinations that reveal the versatility of existing pieces.

personal stylist in a closet

Go behind the scenes of a cleanout

What you will receive:


  1. A clean, organized wardrobe with items that fit your lifestyle and goals.

  2. Increased knowledge of your own style, shopping habits, and body shape.

  3. A customized list of essentials currently missing from your wardrobe.

  4. A digital recap of the cleanout, including closet solution recommendations (for an additional hour charge).

What my clients are saying about this service...

average rating is 5 out of 5

Prior to working with Natalie, I wore maybe 5-10% of what was in my closet -- it was stuffed to the gills with things I had carried around for a decade -- either never worn, or no idea if it fit. I felt like my closet was a weighted black box, and no matter how many times I tried to purge it, it never seemed to get any better. Natalie helped me with a complete closet cleanout -- essentially giving me permission to get rid of things I'd always wanted to get rid of and start fresh. Throughout the process she is extremely attuned to your emotions, helping you work through it.

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