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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who needs a wardrobe stylist or personal stylist anyway?
    Anyone and everyone! Do you walk into a closet full of clothes but feel you have nothing to wear? Do you sometimes purchase clothing that you liked in the store, but end up rarely wearing? Do you feel uncomfortable in most of your clothes? Do you want guidance on items to buy for a new career? Do you loathe shopping? Are you too busy to shop? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions then you would likely benefit from working with a stylist.
  • Why should I hire you instead of another stylist?
    Because I am passionate about people, fashion, and organization and my client’s satisfaction is my top priority. When I work with a client it’s all about them - their style, budget, and lifestyle. I understand that for some the idea of cleaning out their closet and shopping is an intimidating, burdensome chore. Not for me! Helping others to clean and organize their closet and get satisfaction from what they wear is something I have a talent and passion for. And I love to shop, I’m a “shop till I drop” kind of person. While working together I’ll show you that building a curated closet can be a fun and rewarding process.
  • Where are styling appointments held?
    Your complimentary initial consultation can be done over the phone; however, I prefer to do this at your home so I can get a thorough assessment of your lifestyle and the current condition of your wardrobe.
  • I live outside of Austin. Will you come to me?
    I can! I will charge mileage and/or a trip fee to travel outside the greater Austin area, depending on how far outside Austin you live. Or we can conduct our appointments virtually. Currently, I meet clients on a case by case basis for closet cleanouts or sprees in greater Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio.
  • How much will this cost and how do I pay you?
    That’s up to you. The time we spend working together is based upon your goals and budget. During the initial consultation I’ll get an idea of the amount of time I’ll need to spend curating your closet and wardrobe. If the estimated time required seems to be above your budget, then I’ll make the needed adjustments and allocate my time to crucial areas while giving you specific guidance on areas you can tackle on your own. I invoice periodically or at the conclusion of a service and all payments are handled online and securely. My fee for hourly services is billed at $120 an hour. Fixed-price services are billed at the service price.
  • Do you get commissions from specific brands or retailers?
    No. The brands and retailers I select when working with a client are based upon my client's needs only.
  • How are flexible hourly and premium fixed-price services different?
    Hourly services include one or more sessions spent together where I provide expert consultation and personalized style and purchase recommendations unique to your lifestyle, goals, and budget. These services are provided either at your home (closet cleanout, styling session) or at stores (shopping spree). My fee for hourly services is time-based and billed at $120 an hour. The cost of any purchased items is separate. Fixed-price services maximize convenience for you where I do the heavy lifting and deliver an experience to your home. We’ll discuss your goals and budget at the start of the service. Then I purchase items, inspect and deliver the pieces, deliver them to your home, optionally provide a mini styling session to incorporate new pieces into your wardrobe, and handle returns for a period after delivery. Fixed-price services are billed at the service price with the cost of purchased items billed separately.
  • I only want to hire you for one service. Can I do that?
    Of course! During the initial consultation we can discuss your goals. I will recommend which services you’ll benefit from, and it’s up to you what you hire me for.
  • Can I gift your services to my friend?
    Yes, but first I will ask you, “Has the person specifically stated they want to work with a personal stylist?” Although they may benefit from working with me, if they aren’t ready and committed mentally and emotionally to examine their wardrobe then it may not be a productive experience. However if you know for certain they want to hire a stylist and they just haven’t made the investment for themselves, then please send them my way!
  • How do I get started?
    First thing is to set up your complementary initial consultation. You can start by going to my Contact page and submitting your information there (preferred) or emailing for more information. I'll respond and we'll coordinate a time to meet.
  • How should I prepare for my complimentary initial consultation?
    Every service begins with a complimentary 30-minute consultation where I learn a little about you including your current lifestyle and daily routines, the condition of your wardrobe and your goals for it, and why you are interested in working with a personal stylist. I ask that you come prepared to discuss the following questions: What motivated you to reach out to a personal stylist? What are your style goals and what do you hope to gain from our work together? What frustrations have you experienced with your closet, your clothing, and when shopping? And what is your budget and timeline for investing in yourself? And bring a positive spirit and an open mind!
  • How long is a typical styling session?
    Your initial consultation is usually 30-60 minutes. Our time is spent getting to know one another and discussing your goals in hiring a wardrobe stylist. I like to find out more about your lifestyle, how your current wardrobe fits into that, and what changes you’d like to see. We also talk about your budget and what services you're interested in. I also get a peek at your current wardrobe. Subsequent sessions may take between 2-5 hours depending on our focus, such as a home appointment versus a shopping trip. We'll tailor the time as needed and will be conscious of your budget as we go.
  • What can I expect after my initial consultation?
    During our initial meeting I will provide details about my services and recommendations on which service(s) will best align to your goals. I will explain what to expect while working together and what each step will be as we proceed. I want you to come away with a clear picture of exactly how we can elevate your style together so that you love the way you look! You will have an estimate of the amount of time we’ll spend working together for the service(s) you choose. I'll coach you how to prepare for each session, so that we're productive and you receive the most value out of each service. I will leave you with a written agreement outlining the terms of our work together and then it’s up to you if we proceed.
  • Do you recommend only expensive items?
    My recommendations come only after discussing your budget. I prioritize quality in my recommendations, and this can be achieved at various price points. The expert advice I offer includes what items to view as investment pieces so that spending more of your budget on certain items will actually save you money in the long run.
  • What is your recommended clothing budget for a spree?
    Every client has different wardrobe needs. Some haven't invested in their wardrobe in a long time and may need a wardrobe makeover, whereas others may simply need to fill a few essentials gaps. Whatever the case, if you can invest a minimum of $2500 on a spree then you will receive a number of high-quality and versatile pieces.
  • How are purchases you make on my behalf invoiced?
    Items I purchase on behalf of a client are invoiced at the retail price (no markup, receipts are included) along with a 4% convenience fee.
  • How are returns and invoices handled for purchases you make and deliver to me?
    Items I purchase and deliver on behalf of a client are accepted upon delivery. You have 3 days from the delivery date to request an exchange or return for any item. I will handle requested exchanges or returns on behalf of my clients during that 3-day period. You are then invoiced for accepted items and are responsible for any future exchanges or returns of the items.
  • How are deliveries handled and when will I be invoiced?
    I begin curating outfits for The Curator service shortly after our consultation and send previews of the looks I’m creating throughout for any needed adjustments, so that the delivery aligns with your expectations. Outfits are usually ready in 2-3 weeks. Then we’ll coordinate a delivery appointment and optional styling session. All items are either accepted or returned within 3 days of delivery and you’ll receive an invoice for the service price and the items you keep.
  • Do you work with male clients?
    Not at this time.
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