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Spring Wardrobe Essentials

Spring is in the air! And if you're like many, you may feel a little out of touch with what's in style these days. Don't worry I got you covered. After much research and personal experimentation I'm sharing my top picks for Spring 2021. Each piece will help you feel current, stylish and elevated, yet they are practical and versatile so you'll be able to wear them now and in the future.

Lighter Tone Loungewear

Sweatsuits are no longer only found at Academy and worn by Dad’s at the gym. They have gotten an upgraded name and are the best sellers of every major designer. Even after this pandemic ends the future will be filled with the beloved cozy set. And nothing signals the change of season like a change in color. Flesh tones and pastels instantly add a breath of springtime into your outfit. If you are looking to elevate your loungewear, here are my two favorites for spring. Ulla Johnson’s feminine side shines through with her signature puff sleeve sweatshirt paired with a jogger that can stand up all on its own. And for a relaxed, California vibe, check out Xirena’s shawl neck sweatshirt and drop rise joggers. Both are sure to be your favorite new pieces to wear at home and on the streets. (Photo: Ava Pullover - Oatmeal – Ulla Johnson)

Light Wash and Distressed

Combine two traditionally casual styles of denim to create the “it” jean to wear right now. Jeans with a lighter wash give off a relaxed look, and by adding some (or a lot) of distressing this one piece says it all, comfort is key right now. The risk with this style is that it can easily look frumpy, uninspired, or too young. So, pair with tailored or preppy tops, and shoes that are feminine or classic. This will balance your look and let others know you put thought into your look. The light washed distressed style I have been seeing a lot already is from the premium denim brand Frame, Le Original in Cascade Blue Rips. But any premium denim brand has their version and is likely to be a winner for you. When searching for your pair keep in mind that the distressing may become more exaggerated as you wear and wash, and that if you’re petite you may lose some fraying or ripped details when you get them hemmed.

Birkenstocks Inspired Sandals

Birkenstocks have had a major comeback over the past decade, first with collage kids, then celebrities and soccer moms. But they haven’t been considered stylish until recently, bringing up their chic factor has been the collaborations the company has had with designers like Valentino and Proenza Schouler. These collaborations may be one reason so many shoe brands are inspired by the simple silhouette of a two-strap slide and are producing some beautiful sandals of their own. This style sandal tends to be more comfortable because having two wider pieces holding your feet down provides more support than a skinny t-strap. A popular Birkenstock inspired sandal is from Vince, the Glyn. I’m really loving the color they’re calling Biscotti, this will be a great transition shoe as we get into warmer temperatures. (Photo: Glyn Leather Sandal for Women | Vince)

Tees with Statement Sleeves

One of the first things to elevate in your wardrobe is the basic white tee. But what if you’ve done that and are ready for a tee that can stand out on its own? No problem, there are so many different kinds! Puff sleeves, drop sleeves, flutter details, and the latest variation to pop up in spring collections for 2021, the padded shoulder. I am partial to the puff sleeve, my favorite being from Veronica Beard, but am also loving the padded shoulder. This style gives a sophisticated, bold look. But it is all about your style preference because any of these options are flattering since they add balance to several outfit combinations. I suggest trying any of these - pair with wide leg jeans, tuck into a patterned full skirt, or layer under a spaghetti strap dress.

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