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Finding YOUR Perfect Jeans

Updated: Apr 4, 2021

After much resistance, procrastination and a few minor tantrums here it goes…. My first blog. I’m starting with one of my favorite styling topic, jeans.

There are six main styles- skinny, wide leg, straight, bootcut, flare and relaxed. Seems simple enough. So why is it such a challenge to find the perfect pair? Because the variations are endless. There is true denim, stretch denim, distressed, deconstructed, cropped, high rise, mid-rise, and low rise. Then there’s the option of button front, zip front, five pockets, no pockets, dark wash, light wash, and faded. Wow even I’m exhausted!

To simplify the search I’d like to give you a few things to consider, and hopefully guide you to finding YOUR perfect pair.

The Wash

Dark wash jeans are classic, always a great option to invest in. When these jeans have little to no distressing they are also slimming. No matter what you pair them with, your outfit will instantly feel more dressed up and elevated. Great to wear to the office, for special occasions, or nights out. Lighter wash jeans tend to feel more casual but are just as versatile as dark wash. When these jeans have some distressing elements, they can make an outfit feel relaxed and playful. Light wash jeans look chic paired with cozy sweaters in the winter and faded tees in the summer.

The Cut

Skinny jeans have made their way into almost every woman’s closet by now, so I want to talk about two other styles that are just as important to have, straight and wide leg. Straight jeans are super versatile because they pair easily with any shoe, from street sneakers to stilettos. Select a clean wash for a minimalist jean that will provide balance to a statement top or bold jewelry. Wide leg jeans are more of a statement jean, even in a clean wash. When paired with basic tops and simple shoes they create a stylish, easy look. And this style is flattering on a number of body types because the added volume at the

bottom of the leg creates visual interest

and balance.

Brands I Love

Once you’ve narrowed down the wash and cut, then it’s all about finding a brand that you love. It’s definitely a personal preference because one person’s “perfect” pair of jeans may not score so high with you. And that’s OK! But if you’re tired of looking and find yourself overwhelmed by the sea of denim options out there here are three brands I recommend.

If you’re looking for a classic style in a true denim, try Citizens of Humanity. Want stretchy jeans in a fashion forward style, look at Frame. Or if you want a relaxed look in a soft denim, check out Mother. Of course there are lots of amazing denim brands out there but hopefully these will point you in the right direction!

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