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What Not to Wear After Labor Day

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Gone are the days of “no white after Labor Day” because now we can style these pieces in ways that feel fresh and modern for any season, including fall. But does this mean that we can wear just anything as the season changes? Not necessarily. If you live in an area where temperatures stay warm well into the fall it can be tempting to wear the same outfits we did during the summer, but there are a few pieces that can make our outfits look less appropriate in the fall. Here are a few I suggest putting away as we welcome the new season!

Raffia and Straw Accessories

Adding a raffia bag or straw hat is a great way of making transitional pieces like a black sleeveless dress or dark green pants feel like summer. However, put these away once summer is over. Then style these same transitional pieces instead with fall accessories such as a shearling bag or felt hat.

(Medium wash jeans are a transitional piece that can look appropriate for any season with the right accessories.)

Summer Themed Prints

I’m not talking about nautical stripes or florals. With the right combination I feel these prints can look super chic in the fall. But prints of fruit, ocean animals, palm leaves or anything related to being on a boat can feel inappropriate after Labor Day. Save these for next summer or your island vacation.

(White shorts look more appropriate for fall when paired with a non-seasonal print like this stripe.)

Eyelet, Seersucker and Linen

These fabrics are known for being lightweight and breathable. But when the calendar says fall, they can start to feel a bit out of place. But what if it’s still too hot to wear your wool and cashmere pieces? Then try pieces made from cotton, chambray, or silk. These will feel and look more appropriate for the season even if the temperatures are still warm.

(Swap chambray for eyelet to make this outfit less summery and more like fall.)


Lightweight canvas and ribbon pair perfectly with breezy summer dresses. However, they can feel too delicate in the fall, especially as we start pulling out heavy knits and wool. Instead opt for a loafer or ballet flat to feel more appropriate.

(This sleeveless dress is still cool and comfortable but feels appropriate for fall when paired with a ballet flat.)

The Most Important Thing

You are sure to look appropriate for the fall season by not wearing the above-mentioned pieces after Labor Day. However, these are simply suggestions. If you feel like wearing a linen dress to your sister’s baby shower in October, or if you want to pair jeans and a watermelon printed tee for Thanksgiving, then do it! The important thing is having fun with your pieces and creating outfits that help you look and feel your best!


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