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Tory Sport - Women's Golf Clothes That Are Actually Cute

Most of us want to look and feel our best in whatever activities we engage in, especially physical ones. So, it was only natural that when my husband and I started playing golf I wanted to invest in some cute sportswear to wear on the course. Unfortunately, I had no idea we chose a sport that is known for its lack of style in the women’s department! Every time we visited sporting goods stores, I would check the women’s golf section only to be left uninspired and frustrated by their limited selection. Even if they had something in my size, which was unlikely, the clothes were ugly and unflattering.

So, after a few months of playing golf in a combination of old running shorts and two cheap polos, I decided to take my search for cute sportswear online. One brand caught my eye – Tory Sport. Now if you’re like me you think of Tory Burch as a handbag and shoe brand. But she also designs clothes, more specifically sportswear. And not just any sportswear, but cute and dare I say stylish sportswear. Whether you’re into golf like me, a tennis gal, or pickleball lover; Tory Sport has you covered!

Here are a few pieces I fell in love with that will hopefully inspire you to give Tory Sport a try for all your sports activities!

I tried two polos and honestly could not pick a favorite. The performance pique pleated collar is made in a lightweight fabric and super flattering cut. I say it runs true to size and is designed to be a bit fitted.

The tech pique ruffle polo is in a similar lightweight fabric and fits a bit looser but is just as flattering. Love this bright yellow and can’t wait until the white is restocked in my size because I’m definitely ordering it too!

The pleated hem skirt is amazing! If you love the Lululemon Algin leggings, then this skirt is the golf equivalent. It's made in a four-way stretch, moisture wicking fabric, and is so comfortable you’ll want to wear it all the time. I like it so much that I might have to order it in another color!

Another skirt option I really liked is the tech pique side slit. Simple design and very comfortable. I think it looks super chic paired with its matching polo, but also looks cute with a contrasting top.

These two skirts are technically tennis skirts, but I'm not worried about using them for golf. Unless you play at a private golf course, dress codes for women (especially for the driving range) are very lenient. And the skirts feel elevated when paired with a collared shirt.

I am still working on my golf game, but I'm happy my search for cute golf clothes is over. Tory Sport not only looks stylish but is high quality and flattering! I am so happy I found my new “go-to” brand for sportswear- Tory Sport!

Look good, feel good… no matter what you are doing!

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