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Swimsuit Season - Splurge on This, Save on That

Are your summer plans taking you somewhere exotic this year? Even if your answer is a big fat NO (I feel your pain, we are staying home this year), chances are you will be looking somewhere local to soak up the sun and enjoy a cocktail. But after looking at your swimwear after 6 months of being buried in a drawer somewhere, do you feel like you need a little refresh? No matter if you are laying on a pool lounger, sitting in a beach chair or relaxing on a boat, you still want to look stylish and feel confident in what you are wearing. So how do you determine which pieces are worth investing in and which you can search for a deal? Well as someone who has spent their whole life attending pool parties and boating on the lake, I have learned through trial and error which pieces are worth the splurge, and which you can easily choose to save on. Here are my picks…

Splurge on a swimsuit, save on a cover-up.

The most important piece of your swimwear look is of course the swimsuit. But it can be a challenge to find one we love and that fits us correctly. For many women swimsuits are one of the most dreaded things to search for. But let me ask you, have you widened your search to include higher-end brands? Higher-end swimsuits, regardless of the style you prefer, tend to be more flattering and better made. So even though the upfront cost is more, you will spend less time and money replacing them in the future. One of my first investment swimsuits is from the Australian brand SEAFOLLY. At the time, it was the most I had ever spent on a swimsuit. But let me tell you, it was and still is, my most worn swimsuit (going on 10 years now). Not only is the quality amazing, but the fit is so

perfect that I feel comfortable and confident every time I wear it. Making it completely worth the splurge! For your splurge I suggest looking at brands that either specialize in swimwear or that also design lingerie. (Photo Credit: SEAFOLLY Halter Bandeau Bikini top and bottoms)

Now what about a cover-up? Many high-end swimwear brands have a carefully curated selection of cover-ups that match certain swimsuits perfectly. So, once you have splurged on your swimsuit does that mean you must get the matching coverup to look fully styled? These pieces usually cost the same or even more than the actual swimsuit. While I absolutely love a matching coverup to complete a swimwear look, I believe this is a piece you can save on. With a little out-of-the-box thinking you can find many different options for a coverup, even from something you already own. A coverup could be a dress, romper, long button down, or even a scarf depending on your coverage preference. Just remember to look at the fabric label to make sure the piece can withstand the harsh elements it will be exposed to like chlorinated water, oils from sunscreen, and extended sunlight.

Splurge on sunglasses, save on a hat.

No one enjoys having to squint their way through a day in the sun, especially if your goal is to relax and work on your tan. To me sunglasses are a must for swimsuit session, and a piece that I feel is totally worth the splurge because you can wear them even when you are not near the water. Quality sunglasses give your eyes the proper protection they deserve and last so much longer than any cheapies found at the drug store. But what if you are one of those people who usually lose or break your sunglasses? Here is my suggestion: Get yourself a durable case. This will get you in the habit of remembering and keeping your sunglasses protected. If you are new to spending $100 plus on this little accessory I recommend starting with a pair of Ray-Bans. They have been around since 1937 for a reason – classic styles and quality.

A sunhat is another stylish swimwear accessory to add to your look. This piece might be a bit out of your comfort zone but will instantly elevate your look and is practical for shading your face if you are worried about too much sun exposure. Larger brim styles are popular this season, as well as sun visors for a fashion statement. But not that many seasons ago fedora style sunhats were all the rage. So even though I recommend adding this piece to your swimwear look, certain styles can look outdated quickly. And unlike sunglasses, you will probably only wear a sunhat a hand full of times in each season, unless of course you are retired and live on an island somewhere. And if you are planning to travel this season, many sunhats are difficult to pack without damaging them. For these reasons I suggest choosing to save on this piece.

Splurge on a bag, save on sandals.

Any time we are planning to be by water it seems there is so much to bring - sunscreen, towels, a book, something to drink, and so on…. All this needs to be thrown in a bag, making that my final swimwear piece worthy of a splurge. For this piece look not just for quality, but also versatility and utility. I recommend sticking to a neutral color palette with minimal embellishments. When you look for a bag, think about how the straps will feel on your exposed arm or shoulder. Nothing will put a damper on an enjoyable day in the sun quite like a rough strap digging into a fresh sun burn! Pool and beach bags are designed for these activities. They hold up with exposure to the elements, have lots of room for bulky items, and are easy to clean out. A bag I have enjoyed bringing out season after season is my JADEtribe bag. Super durable and easy to use. It can be stuffed full but still works when only carrying a few items. (Photo Credit: JADEtribe Valerie Square Basket Black)

Although investing in shoes is something I usually encourage, I do not feel this is as important for your swimwear look. The amount of time you will wear them around the water is limited. They are just used in the brief time it takes to get you from point A to B, so you may not be concerned how comfortable or supportive they are. Most of the time you are enjoying the sun and water they are either tucked away in a bag or hidden under a chair. I do not have any specific brand or store recommendations, only that if the sandals are sold tethered together by a plastic string or cardboard, then you have succeeded in choosing to save on this piece! Another option is to retire a pair of nice sandals you already have and classify them as “waterside” only going forward.

Thank you so much for reading my picks for swimwear pieces splurge on and save. I hope you found it helpful as you get ready for swimsuit season. Because whether you are jet setting somewhere exotic or are planning to soak up some sun from your backyard, make it your aim to feel comfortable and stylish in your swimwear!

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